Thursday, June 15, 2017

Seo Video Warrior

Now that you have watched the SEO Video Warrior Videos, here are some additional tips and tricks to help you get started using video in your Internet marketing.
The days of boring websites are gone forever. In the past, the technical limitations of HTML coding and the slowness of most Internet connections made it impractical to provide web users with any serious audio visual experience. A page might feature an interesting table based layout, an animated gif or two, a link to a RealAudio file for background streaming, or a few stray flashes of Java.  For the most part, audio visual techniques were used as novelties, signs to the browsing public that the site coder was technically savvy and that the site was cutting edge.

Audiovisual techniques still indicate that your site is cutting edge and that your coders know what they're doing. But it's no longer possible even to argue that audio visual content is a novelty. With modern con nection speeds, coding options, software packages and plugins, it's now possible to record sophisticated video and audio presentations, to show them to your site's audience without breaking up their browsing experience, and to do all of this without incurring prohibitive bandwidth or hosting space costs. The technology has become sophisticated enough, in other words, to let you use audio visual techniques for their traditional purpose. You can let your customers hear your product, see your product, and form emotional connections to your product. The result? You'll not only impress your customers, but you'll sell more products

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